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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant


Body Hair Transplant- The best way to combat hair thinning

People undergo different issues due to fewer hairs on the body. It might be either on the scalp, face, chest or any other body part. A man is considered manlier when he has good hairs on his beard and chest. A woman is considered prettier when she has healthy, lustrous and shining hairs on the scalp.

Earlier there we no body hair transplant technique available and people have to live with the condition forever. But with the advent of medical science, a number of body hair transplantation methods get evolved. They help to make the person regain the lost confidence and self-esteem.

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Why do we require Body Hair Transplantation

One of the biggest reasons to undergo body hair transplant is to look good. You get a younger and vibrant look when enough hairs are present on the scalp, face, and chest. While the lesser hairs on the areas adversely affect the personal and professional growth of a person, properly groomed ones help to elevate the confidence to a great extent.

Body Hair Transplant at DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

DermaClinix has managed to become one of the most trustworthy and reliable body hair transplantation clinics in the recent past. Not just the specialized doctors are the reason behind it; the use of advanced techniques to bestow the best outcomes contributes to it equally.

Other than the hair experts and advanced technologies, the presence of cooperative and friendly staff acts like a cherry on the cake. They help you make feel comfortable in every session which in turn help you recover and heal at a much faster rate. This makes your body hair transplant procedure comfortable and relaxing.

Procedure for Body Hair Transplant

Generally, for a successful Body Hair Transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is utilized to regain the lost hairs on any part of the body. In the first step, the hair follicles are extracted from the place where they are in abundance in the body. Once harvested, they are now called as grafts.

Grafts are then transplanted into the affected areas of the body. They can be transferred to the places where there is scanty hair growth like scalp, chest, beard or mustache. Even body to scalp hair transplant is possible at DermaClinix, Chennai.

Factors to consider while Body Hair Transplantation

If you observe closely you will see that every hair in the body has certain angulations and orientation. Therefore, when the body hair transplant is done the precision to graft the hair follicles with the same direction and angle becomes essential. This is necessary to get the most aesthetic result.

When the incorrect alignment is done the surgery is said to be unsuccessful as it would not endow a natural and aesthetic look to the patient. This is the reason why choosing the right hair surgeon and the right hair restoration clinic is important.

So, if you are looking for the best body hair transplant clinic in Chennai, Dermaclinix seems the most feasible option. With an affordable Body Hair Transplant cost, it becomes the best to ponder upon. From utilizing the advanced techniques, to providing a reasonably sound body hair transplant cost, DermaClinx is worth to look upon.