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Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling


Let the dull skin become the thing of past with chemical peeling

If the dull and dead skin is making you look dreary and faded, it’s time to get rid of it completely. Although there is a number of treatments available for the same getting the chemical peeling treatment endow the best result. There are many reasons which lead the skin to become dead and dull. To name few- aging, pollution and too much stress and workload contribute to it.

But the good news is getting the peels treatment from the best clinic for chemical peeling treatment like DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai seems to most feasible option.

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Chemical peeling treatment

A chemical peel is made with special chemicals which work as an exfoliating agent on the skin. Since the chemicals with only specific concentration are required for the procedure taking help of best skin specialist becomes important. It not only takes away the dead layer of the skin but also enhances the collagen production.

Procedure for chemical peeling

In the process of chemical peels treatment, specific chemicals are applied topically to the external layer of the skin that is epidermis where the signs of aging appear. The skin specialist utilizes the chemicals which act as a perfect exfoliating agent. There are three different types of skin peeling treatment namely- deep, medium and superficial.

Superficial skin peeling treatment- it is done to get rid of marks, blemishes, and pigmentations. All the issues related to the epidermis are worked upon by the superficial skin peeling treatment.

Medium skin peeling treatment- Sometimes there are scars on the face due to reasons like accident or burns. The inner layer of the skin also gets affected due to it. This is when a medium peeling treatment works wonder. Here the chemicals enter the skin and work on its rejuvenation.

Deep skin peeling treatment- The peels treatment where the chemicals reach the deepest layers of the skin comes under it. It is not advised to those who have sensitive skin type. However, the effects of deep peeling treatment are highly effectual and a sure shot result is expected.

These chemical peels treatments for face require specialization. This is the reason why consulting the best skin specialist becomes necessary. Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran who is a renowned dermatologist at DermaClinix, Chennai gives the best Chemical Peeling Treatment to its patients.

Why DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai the best

DermaClinix strives to provide the Best Chemical Peels Treatment as per your skin type. No matter whether you are having troubles with your skin due to blemishes, marks or scars the most suitable treatment will be given to you. Other than this, the chemical peeling treatment cost is highly affordable.

DermaClinix makes sure that you would receive the desired outcome in a reasonably sound cost. With the help of best skin specialist and friendly staff, the 100% result is guaranteed.

So, if the dull and faded skin is taking away the extra shine of your personality, it’s time to get the chemical peel treatment at the most cost-effective price from DermaClinix, Chennai. Make a call today and book your appointment.