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Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women


Dermaclinix- Perfect destination for women hair loss treatment

Gone are the days when women have to hide their scalp with a scarf to screen their bald scalp. Today medical science has done much progress to combat the hair thinning and baldness completely. Although men hair loss were always assumed to be more prominent today female hair loss has also become a very common qualm.

Since to some extent the beauty of a woman lies in her hairs, everyone needs lustrous and healthy growth on their scalp. But for women who are facing too much hair thinning it becomes a dream to get back a fuller scalp.

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Major causes of women hair loss

Generally, women pattern of baldness is less observable. But whenever it happens, there lies some medical reason. Few major causes of female hair loss are as follows:

Hair thinning due to pregnancy: A lot of hormonal changes are observed when a woman gets pregnant. Although being pregnant is very escalating, due to hormonal changes, the hair thinning becomes more prominent. However, after the childbirth when the hormones get back to their normal state hairs also grow back.

PCOS: Imbalance of male and female hormones lead to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome where the hairs start to fall off rapidly. This leads to gradual baldness.

Over styling: Although both the genders prefer hair styling, women have been seen using different creams, lotions, and other hair products for styling the hairs. The use of low-grade products affects the hairs adversely. This ultimately leads to too much and drastic hair fall.

Birth Control Pills: Women on birth control pills also experience too much hair fall due to the hormonal changes in the body.

Malnutrition: Improper intake of diet and lack of nutritious food in the platter affects the healthy growth of the hairs. This makes them weak leading to abrupt hair fall with time.

Too much stress: Other than medical, physical and environmental reasons having too much workload, taking too much stress and getting tensed also affect the growth of hairs to a great extent.

DermaClinix for women hair loss treatment in Chennai

DermaClinix comprises a team of specialized hair experts and dermatologists. They make sure that every query related to baldness and hair thinning would get solved. They make use of advanced techniques for the women hair loss treatment. With the help of experts’ knowledge and experience, the most suitable treatment for female hair loss is utilized to make the scalp full of hairs.

So, if you are looking for the best female hair loss treatment in Chennai, DermaClinix could become the best place to consider in Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.