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Hair Transplant Chennai

Hair Transplant Chennai


Combat hair fall issues with the best Hair Transplant in Chennai

DermaClinix is one of those clinics which are known for endowing effective results in the least time therefore considered as the best hair transplant in Chennai. The use of advanced hair transplant procedure by the best hair transplant surgeons; the results obtained are highly impressive and effectual. Other than this, when the treatment is provided in a reasonably sound price, the worth of clinic elevates and this is what happens with DermaClinix.

Since hair fall is no more a gender-specific issue and anyone can come under its influence, getting the treatment from the best surgeons becomes crucial. After bestowing a fuller scalp and combating the problems of hair thinning and hair fall, DermaClinix has managed to make a remarkable place in the market. This is the primary reason why people prefer it over any other clinic present in the city. The team of specialized doctors and supportive staff, all contributes to bequeathing highly alluring hair transplant results to the people.

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If you are looking for the cheapest hair transplant in Chennai, DermaClinic could become your ultimate destination. The presence of every facility and the use of advanced technologies ensure that a guaranteed result will be obtained.

Factors of hair transplant

There are several factors which contribute to the effectiveness of hair transplant.

  • The specialization of hair transplant surgeon and how much experience does he hold in the field. Since every doctor of DermaClinix, Chennai is a hair expert and has an extensive knowledge in the niche it assures 100% positive result. People suffering from the hair fall problems will get a fuller scalp in the least time.
  • The hair transplant doctors provide the most feasible procedures which fight against the hair thinning and baldness like FUE hair transplant, FUT, PRP Therapy, Bio-stimulated FUE and much more.
  • Individual hair follicles are harvested with punches on the scalp which later, with time heal by their own.DermaClinix is equipped with every essential facility which assists the whole procedure and makes it a success.
  • The hair transplant in Chennai cost is most affordable at DermaClinix. It ensures a lucrative result will be obtained and the scalp will become fuller with hairs and you get a youthful look all over again.

These are some of the significant factors of hair transplant on which the success of the treatment depends. Since DermaClinix fulfills all the criteria, it becomes one of the bets to get the hair transplant surgery in Chennai.

Who can undergo hair restoration in Chennai at DermaClinix

Since there are many reasons which contribute to hair fall and baldness this issue is not more gender or age specific. Both men and women are suffering from hair loss and even in the early stages of their lives. Losing hair during the youth is very disheartening. Therefore, getting hair restoration becomes the best option to consider. Those who can undergo hair transplant surgery in Chennai could be-

  • Any person who is suffering from hair fall, hair thinning or complete or partial baldness due to biological or physical reasons.
  • People who are losing hairs due to the genetics.
  • Those who have experienced hair loss due to physical scarring or accident and wanted to re-grow the hairs.
  • People who are willing to provide a shape and thicken the facial hairs like in the eyebrows, eyelashes, beards or mustaches.

Since hair transplant surgery cost in Chennai is most affordable only at DermaClinix, anyone who is facing such issues can get the treatment here. The best part of taking the hair transplant in Chennai at DermaClinix is you not only save some extra money but also get a sure shot result. When the best hair transplant surgeon of the town provides the treatment, the worth of it increases manifolds.

All this has led DermaClinix to become the best hair transplant clinic in Chennai.

The aftereffects of hair transplant

Most of the hair transplant procedures get covered in 3 to 4 hours. The time taken to complete the whole process depends upon the size of the area where the treatment is required. Sometimes it may take more than one sitting to complete the entire hair restoration procedure.

In most of the cases of baldness and hair thinning, FUE hair transplant procedure is applied. In FUE the hair follicles are extracted from a selected portion of the scalp which is later transplanted in areas with lesser or no hairs. It is done with so much precision that no scarring becomes noticeable or visible to others.

Once the procedure of hair restoration surgery gets completed the patient might feel the development of crusts in the operated areas. It takes around three weeks for the grafted follicles to shed and new hair follicles to emerge. With time these hair follicles start growing as natural hairs, and the scalp becomes fuller with hairs. The best result is achieved after 3 to 4 months of the surgery.

What is the hair transplant cost in Chennai

It has been seen that every clinic has set its hair transplant charges depending on the procedures used. However, out of all, DermaClinix is observed to be the best hair transplant center to provide adequate treatment at the most affordable price. The calculated cost comes out to be reasonably sound, and this is the reason why people love preferring DermaClinix over other hair restoration centers in Chennai.

So, if you are looking for getting the youthful look again with a scalp full of hairs, DermaClinic could become your final destination. Hair transplant in Chennai low cost is available only at DermaClinix, and it ensures highly efficient results as well. So, book your appointment today and get the most suitable treatment for yourself.