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Low Level Laser Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Light Therapy


Low-Level Laser Light Therapy to cure baldness

Since the time laser light is being used for the medical purposes a number of ailments get cured with its help. It is extensively used for regenerating the lost hairs as well. Approved by FDA in the year 2007 laser light is used on a wide scale to get back the lost hairs from the scalp.

DermaClinix, Chennai make use of low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) to make the scalp fuller with hairs. LLLT treatment is highly effective to get the desired result.

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Low-Level Laser Light Therapy

LLLT treatment is completely non-invasive. Being non-surgical it is looked upon by most of the people who are undergoing hair thinning or have a bald scalp. It is also known as Red light therapy, Cold laser, Biostimulation, Soft laser, and Photobiomodulation. Making use of infrared radiations in the prescribed range the Low level laser light therapy helps to cure the baldness completely.

Although the reasons for getting the bald scalp are many, LLLT works for all. It works perfectly for both the genders and feasible for androgenetic or other forms of alopecia. People who have other issues with their hairs like weak hairs or fewer hairs can also undergo LLLT treatment for enhancing the growth of the hairs.

Procedure for Low-level laser light treatment

The LLLT technology makes use of a specialized helmet which is designed to cover the scalp completely. The inner canopy is made in such a way that it conform the curvature of the scalp. This makes sure that the laser light is transferred equally to the scalp for an effective result with the Low level laser light therapy.

The patient sits comfortably under the laser and LED lights. The phototherapy gets transferred to the scalp while the patient relaxes in the chair. Since there is no surgical procedure involved in the technique Low level laser light treatment is highly safe and effective. However, a little scalp-tingling might be encountered by the patient while undergoing LLLT treatment for hair loss.

Mechanism of LLLT Therapy

Laser light in low level is highly effectual to treat many diseases and ailments. When it is introduced in the scalp the cells absorbed that therapeutic laser light. As soon the cells absorb it the process of cell repair begins. This, in turn, activates the hair follicles. This makes the LLLT treatment for hair loss effectual.

Understated are the processes which happen with Low Level Laser Light Therapy

  • The cells activate and the blood flow initiates at a higher rate in the scalp. The hair growth becomes faster and it leads to getting thicker and stronger hairs.
  • The subcutaneous glands on the scalp also get stimulated leading to silkier hairs.
  • The melanin production of the scalp also increases which makes the gray hairs dark.

The effectiveness of LLLT Treatment

LLLT treatment for hair loss is one of the most widely accepted technologies to restore the lost hairs. Since it is non-invasive and non-surgical it is looked upon by maximum people. It not only helps to curb the baldness or hair thinning problems but also make the gray hairs darker.

So, if undergoing surgery for hair restoration is not feasible for you, Low Level Laser Light therapy can help to achieve the fuller scalp. DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu offers this treatment and combat baldness and other hair related troubles forever.

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