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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal


Tattoo- no more a permanent mark on the skin

People believe that getting a tattoo means getting a permanent mark on the body that lives with you forever. No matter how easy it is to get a tattoo, removing them has also become simple with the help of laser light treatment. There are a number of methods or techniques available today which can help you get rid of the tattoo but the one which is performed with the help of laser gives a sure shot result.

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Tattoo removal

Since the time laser light is being utilized in the medical field treating a number of ailments has become easy. Tattoo removal is one of them. A specific wavelength of laser beams is applied to the skin. As soon these laser beams get subjected to the epidermis they generate the heat which in turn breaks the pigment of the tattoo into tiny particles. This is how the laser tattoo removal is processed at DermmaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Procedure for laser tattoo removal

Laser light has the ability to burn the targeted cells of the body. Since a tattoo is made by embedding numerous tiny dots of the pigments in the skin, their breakage is a must to get rid of them. For the unwanted tattoo removal, the particular part of the body is subjected to a specific wavelength of laser light. Since laser light could cause harm to the skin if given in the incorrect wave-length the need for a specialized skin specialist becomes inevitable.

As soon the laser light gets introduced the pigment making the tattoo starts getting fragmented into tiny particles. These particles are so minute that with time they get absorbed in the body. Later, the body emits those absorbed and fragmented pigments out by the natural process.

What affects laser tattoo removal

Generally, the tattoo is made as a permanent mark on the skin. Therefore very powerful pigments are used for making them. This retains the tattoo forever in the body. This is the reason why removing them completely is not a child’s play. Few factors which affect the laser tattoo removal are as follows:

  • Colors- It is easy to remove the tattoos in black color. Those made with red, yellow, blue or fluorescent colors are difficult to remove because their absorption spectra that fall outside the emission spectra of the laser.
  • The intensity of colors- The color’s intensity is also responsible for its removal. it takes time to remove deep colored tattoos.
  • The intensity of laser beam- Only when the specific wavelength of laser light is introduced to the skin the tattoo gets removed.

While the process of laser tattoo removal it becomes necessary to keep the above factors in mind for an effective result.

DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai for laser tattoo removal

Utilizing the most advanced technologies, DermaClinix has become one of the best clinics for tattoo removal. When you are looking for a permanent tattoo removal clinic near you nothing but DermaClinix could become your ultimate destination. The tattoo removal results from this clinic are highly effectual. Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran, being the best skin doctor in the town makes sure that the tattoo removal results would be as impressive as it could be. This makes DermaClinix, Nungambakkam, Chennai one of the best clinics for tattoo removal.

So, if your tattoo has become unwanted one now, getting help from the best tattoo removal clinic, DermaClinix would fetch you the best result. So, call now and book an appointment.